The Blackwood Trio

The Blackwood Trio are a cross between flamenco, jazz, groove and anything else that they want really. The trio is made up of Darryl Wood on nylon string guitar, Mark Roth on drums and percussion and David Galea on bass. 

Over the past two years they have been building their sound around the many original compositions of Darryl Wood, some of the repertoire are over twenty years old and have been reimagined from the duo sound of Bonacci and Wood, two classical guitarists (of which Darryl Wood was a member) to the Blackwood Trio sound of guitar bass and drums. The Blackwood trio also draw their repertoire from covers of the jazz, rock and pop world in which they can add their own sweet original sauce to create something new out of something old and familiar. 

Each member of the Blackwood Trio posses a unique musical sound and personality of their own, but through sympathetic musicianship and maturity they have created a collective sound that is truly unique and will keep the listener wondering, "Is this jazz, latin, flamenco or groove?". In fact it really is a collection of all those things packaged into a small trio size that is perfect for any event. 

Over the past two years the Blackwood trio have performed (when Covid would allow) at private parties functions and music nights through out South Gippsland, Gippsland and Melbourne.

If you would like to book the Blackwood Trio for an event, be that a festival, a private function or whatever please get in touch through the contact section on this page. 

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The Blackwood Trio


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