As a boy David was introduced to the guitar and in particular classical guitar, but it wasn't until he was asked to learn the bass guitar for the school jazz and rock ensemble that he actually fell in love with music. The bass guitar was the link he was looking for between rhythm and harmony. 

Over the years David has performed with many Australian artists including master drummers David Jones and Darryn Farrugia as well as vibraphonist James Whiting and saxophonist Ben Carr. David has also had the pleasure of performing with local Brisbane artists, Elly Hoyt, Toby Wren, Dave spicer, Chris Poulsen, Cleon Barraclough, Shannon Marshall, Sophie Min, Kayleigh Pincott and Lachlan Hawkins. However David's real musical love lies at the heart of improvised music. Over time he has been able to carve out a home in the Australian Jazz scene, where he continues to hone his skills as a jazz bassist and composer. David has been composing since 2007 and in 2008  he released his first jazz and funk album entitled "BassBoy." Since then he has released a live performance recorded in the Nickson room at the University of Queensland entitled "Wood and Wire." This was released in 2013.

David has also performed with the "Soundscapes Trio" lead by composer and pianist Cleon Barraclough. The Soundscapes trio released their second recording entitled "The Unravelling" in 2016.  David has also been fortunate to perform with modern Jazz group "Lateo," lead by Brisbane drummer  and composer Joseph Marchisella. in 2015 David was asked to record with Bart Stenhouse, a fine guitarist and composer. David performed on Stenhouse's two releases "The Best of Times," and " Five Days in Grenada." These recordings reflect the rich musical history of India and Flamenco Music.

In 2018 David joined forces with pianist Sophie Min and Percussionist/Drummer Lachlan Hawkins to release their first recording as the Nimble Trio called “From All Sides”. “From All Sides” features all original compositions from all members and features special guests Kristin Berardi, Elly Hoyt on vocals and percussionist Tsoof Barros. “From All Sides was featured on the ABC jazz on the “Home Cooked” program and has received wide acclaim as a modern jazz recording in the Australian improvised landscape.

Currently David is working on the material for his third solo recording which will feature material inspired by the Australian outback, an area he has been fortunate to live and interact with people very close to his heart. The "Wood and Wire" Quintet is know based in Melbourne and features Vince Hopkins on Guitar, Ade Ishs on Piano and Mark Voogd on drums, they will be recording and performing in and around Melbourne very soo, so keep your eye out for this dynamic group of musicians playing all original jazz.

Over and out.