Artwork by Sahara Miles

The David Galea Quartet are a contemporary jazz group that play the compositions of bassist David Galea. As a group they have been together for the past three years and have played at many festivals through out Australia including the Inverloch Jazz festival on South Gippsland and the Castlemaine Jazz festival in Country Victoria. In 2021 they entered the studio to record their latest release entitled "In the Blood" below is an overview of the recording and the personnel that are on it including on it. 


Overview: “In the Blood” is quite the departure from Davids previous releases as it is predominantly a vocal album featuring various vocalists from with in the Australian music scene that he has worked with and admired including Elly Hoyt, Simon Watson and Briana Cowlishaw, it also features a vocal track from David himself. Each of these tracks are original and have been inspired by either the Australian landscape or people that have influenced David’s life. The title track “in the Blood” is an especially personal track for David as it deals with his battle with anxiety and the journey he has taken to bring that under control. 

Personnel: The Quartet: 

David Galea: Double Bass 

Ade Ishs: Piano

David Gooey: Guitar

Adam Donaldson: Drums

Special Guests: 

Elly Hoyt: Vocals (tracks 2,4)

Simons Watson: Vocals (track 3)

Briana Cowlishaw: Vocals (track 6)

Lachlan Hawkins: Hand Pan (tracks 1, 5, 9)

Ben Byrne: Saxophone. (tracks 1,2,3,5,6,8,9)

David Dower: Nord Keys (track 6)

Tracking by Myles Mumford at Rolling Stock Studios

Mixed and Mastered by Mark Smith at Real Productions



Ben Byrne: Saxophone

Percussionist: Lachlan Hawkins

“This is a group of artists that really understands how to listen and create an atmosphere.  It’s apparent that each musician is listening intently and responding with respect to the song above all else.   Lovely playing all around and the story of this album is told with a thoughtful narrative arc.  I enjoyed this from front to back wholeheartedly!”

Damian Erskine: (Peter Erskine • Gino Vannelli • Vince Mendoza and the WDR Big Band • The Jaco Pastorius Big Band • Bob Sheppard)

Thanks to Julie Messenger of Dingo Jazz magazine for this great review of "In the Blood"

David Galea Quartet

Elly Hoyt: Vocalist

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