Experience: David has been working as a music educator for many years teaching either Electric Bass or Guitar. David has the advantage of drawing on years of experience performing many genres of music, ranging from Jazz, Pop, Blues, Swing and Funk. This experience is passed on to his students so that they are given a well rounded view of where their music can take them and how it can be relevant in their life, be it playing with others in a group setting or as a soloist.

Qualifications: David has a current Blue card from the Queensland Government that has cleared him to work with children. He also has a Bachelor of music qualification form QUT specialising in Jazz and popular music.

Program: The program that David has developed of teaching is completely based on the needs of the student, the first step is an interview process by which David establishes just what the student wants to get out of their lessons, what style of music they would like to concentrate on, whether they would like to understand the theory of music and be able to read music or whether they would like to play simply along with the radio or with a small group. The program is tailor made to what the student needs.