Welcome to “Bass Coast School of Bass”(BCSB) run by Bassist and Composer David Galea

BCSB is a unique teaching studio in the South Gippsland town of Dumbalk North. We teach Bass Guitar and Double Bass from beginners to advanced musicians. David has 25 years of professional experience playing in many musical settings from Pop-Blues-Funk and Jazz. He has a Bachelor of Music degree from Queensland University of Technology as well as a working with Children Card.

At BCSB we teach everything from the fundamentals of playing the bass, constructing bass lines, improvisation and ensemble skills like playing with a drummer and other rhythm section instruments through to composition and arranging skills.

The program that David has developed of teaching is completely based on the needs of the student, the first step is an interview process by which David establishes just what the student wants to get out of their lessons, what style of music they would like to concentrate on, for example some students may want to understand the theory of music and be able to read music or alternatively their goal may be to along with the radio or in a small group. Each program is tailor made to what the student needs. So wether your desire is to be a weekend warrior jamming with friends or you seek the skills to start a career as a professional Bass player, what ever your musical goal David can point you in the right direction.

If you would like to learn how to:

  1. Playing Bass in a band.
  2. Read music
  3. Understand music theory
  4. Prepare for university auditions and exams.
  5. Play and understand the fundamentals of Jazz/funk/Blues/Pop
  6. Improvise in a jazz setting
  7. Develop a greater understanding of theory
  8. Qualify for and sit contemporary AMEB exams
  9. Compose contemporary music from Pop-Jazz

Then please give us a call or shoot us an email so we can tailor a study plan to achieve just what you want in music.

At BCSB we offer "one on one" lessons or "group lessons" for people of similar ability up to three people per group. 

For more information please contact us on

Mob: 0416156122 Or basscoastschoolofbass@gmail.com


David Galea

Lesson Rates

One on One lessons.

         1 hour $60

         30min $35

       5x 1hr lessons $285 paid in advance

         10 x 1hr lessons $550 paid in advance

         5 x 30min lessons $165

         10 x 30min lessons $300 

Group Lessons (only offered for an hour length)

          Group of two 1 x 60min lesson $80 ($40 each)

          Group of three 1 x 60min lesson $90 ($30 each)